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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The 7 Areas Of Your Life That Need Your Attention.

I've become aware of and I've been thinking about the 7 identified areas of personal development and how it affects a person's life. It became apparent that just one or two areas might be affecting all the others. And if you address just one or two of these areas of your life, then very often the other five or six will improve. So here they are and I recommend that you think about which areas of your life may be affecting the rest. It's hard when we know our life is on a downward spiral and we really don't know where to start. If we hate our job and feel miserable, we can begin to blame everything else for our unhappiness, which sometimes means our other half gets the blame too. And so on. It can become a mess in our lives if we do not know what is affecting our moods. So find out and you can start fixing it now. And then watch the rest of your life improve!

  1. Relationships/family: as you can imagine having healthy relationships and family life is so important to people. It's important to your career, mental well-being and other areas. Unhealthy relationships can even harm your health.
  2. Mental: this means how you view life. Are you positive? Do you solve problems without getting really stressed out? Do you believe in yourself and what you are capable of? It's so important when wanting to improve your life to have the right mind set.
  3. Financial: well I know money is not important to everyone but it can really cause stress if there isn't enough. And wouldn't be nice to have that trip you always wanted. Every heard that saying: poverty comes through the door and love flies out the window. It can put a lot of pressure on families.
  4. Vocational/career: it may be more to do with the fact that you really don't like your job or what you do to make a living. Some people are making lots of money and loathe their job. It's good to follow your dreams and do something that makes you want to get up in the morning.
  5. Spiritual: this can be important in many different ways. People find spirituality in all places such as churches; mosques and some find it in nature just being among the trees. An hour of meditation can make a whole difference to how you feel about your place in the universe.
  6. Health: if we have good health then we probably want to keep it that way. Even if you have bad health, it's important to find ways to improve your quality of life. It may be something such as losing weight and getting fit.
  7. Social/Contribution: we all know how good it feels to have friends and social interaction. Contribution may be something you would like to do to give back to society. Colin and Wendy Parry started in 1995 the Foundation of Peace Centre. Their 12 year old son Tim and a 3 year old boy Jonathan Ball were killed by an IRA bomb just 6 miles from where I live. This was to help the victims harmed by conflict to build peace and friendship. Young people from England and Northern Ireland were brought together to make friends and view each other as real people. They contributed out of grief.
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