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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Empowering Yourself - How to Gain Confidence

The first thing we need to understand is what is empowerment. I came across many definitions, which describe it as permitting a person to take action or to allow the action. This word has been in circulation for a long time and developed in relation to discrimination for certain groups such as the women's movement. We can use this word in Personal Development as long as we understand how to use it. I have come across many groups of people who are not in a minority group that feel that they have no control over their lives. This article is about empowering you as an individual.

So what does empowerment mean for the average person? Well, if we want to stay close to the meaning, we could say that we start with giving the person permission to do something that they would like to do. For example: a person does not know how to ask for a promotion or they do not believe they can get a promotion. I prefer to work with a person so that they begin to give themselves permission. This is much more empowering than allowing someone to do something. Self-belief is one of the most empowering attributes I have come across. It is difficult to achieve your goals without it.

So if you decide that you would like to change something in your life and you are feeling those barriers pushing up against you, this is something you can try.

  1. The Why Word. Ask yourself why? Why do I want to change a certain area of my life? You can replace the promotion idea with your own goals. It's important to know why you need that promotion. How is it going to enhance your life? Will your colleagues at work benefit from your promotion? How is it going to impact on your family and friends? Write down all the positive reasons why you want that promotion and then write down all the negative reasons for not getting that promotion. It's important to feel like your life depends on it when you are trying to satisfy a goal. If your life does not depend on it, you will have to ask yourself how much you really want it and is it worth all the effort. Maybe it's something else you need such as becoming a business owner. Play around with different ideas and find out what you really want. I recommend you know why you want something too.
  2. Feel That Promotion. What would it feel like to get that promotion? Remember what it was like when you were promoted in the past. Engaging our positive emotions about events is always a good way of generating a positive attitude about something you would like to change. I like to call it method acting for achieving goals. Be an actor for a while and believe it's really happening. It will engage your subconscious to believe it's already happening. Then hopefully, you will be making all the right moves and noises. A warning note: do not go in to the office and start managing your colleagues. It'll just annoy them. However, little subtle changes like taking on some challenging tasks or being more helpful when a colleague is struggling with something. Be respectful. Visualisation is a great way to achieve this without upsetting people. Remember when empowering one's self, we do not want to be the one to take another person's power away.
  3. Set The Goal. Take one of your positive reasons for getting that promotion and set that goal with that reason in mind. Remember. Your life depends on it. That promotion could pay for that holiday with your family you have always wanted or maybe you need a bigger house closer to work. That means more quality time with the family maybe. Set the goal realistically and with plenty of time to reach it. This will help to not have too much disappointment in your life. Remember though, some of the most successful people have failed many times. They just did not give up.
So these are the tips for you to try out. It's important to give yourself permission to achieve those things in life that you really need, want and desire. If you come across any barriers, then I will be discussing this next time so write down any barriers that may stand out for you. Self-limiting beliefs can be powerful and I urge you to empower others while you are empowering yourself.

My name is Amanda Hemers and I like to call myself a Happiness Coach. My aim in life is to inspire and motivate people to be happy. This means believing that you deserve happiness and that you can work effortlessly towards your dreams. It's just practice and patience. I gather and share information and good quality products that I believe could change someone's life. You can find out more about me at and if you want to be happier, all you have to do is fill in the boxes with your name and email address. I will be giving away four free gifts for you to start your journey to happiness.

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