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Friday, 8 March 2013

The 2 Barriers Which Will Limit Your Success

Have you ever wondered why you try so hard to change your life and it does not seem to happen? It can feel like being on a hamster wheel and you are running so fast but not getting anywhere. There are two reasons why this maybe happening to you. Lets set an example of building a business. However, these barriers can apply to anything in your life.

1. Self Limiting Beliefs
It's important that you challenge and test your belief system. Otherwise, you will believe anything that someone says to you. People can project their own attributes on to us and not be aware that they are talking about themselves. A good example is if a friend says to you that they didn't enjoy their holiday in France and wouldn't recommend going there. Very often we can just accept that as fact. I remember a friend telling me that Paris was boring and the streets were full of dog faeces. I went to Paris anyway as I believe in experiencing things for myself. I loved the place with all its colour, artists, beautiful buildings and it was really romantic. I did see a little dog poo but it really didn't spoil my experience. It's the same about what you believe about yourself. "I'm not good at maths." "I'll never be as successful as him." A failed business or things that have been said to you in the past could be contributing. However, it does not mean that you are not able to build another business that could be successful. Try different approaches. Change your methods of marketing. Whatever you need to do to make it work. Challenge your thoughts and other people's opinions by testing it out first.

2. Developmental/Environmental
Where we grow up and how money is viewed can make it difficult to think about being successful as normal. There are many people I have met that have uttered the sentences below. It concerns me when I become aware it relates to their environment and upbringing. The classic things that I've heard people say:
"That's how the 'other half' lives."
"It's not for people like us."
"I should get a real job and not be so silly."
"I'm not good enough."
"It will never happen."
"Only people with money can make money."
Many people from disadvantaged backgrounds have become successful and "self made" millionaires. They decided that they were going to ignore all their negative chattering that often goes on in their head. They achieved their goals by practising positive self-talk and ignoring that negative little voice that's stuck in the past.

The Solution: Positive Self Talk
It's so important to begin to speak positively about yourself and to acknowledge all the negative things you think about yourself. Do you believe everything that someone says to you? Is everything you or others say about you really true? I urge you to challenge this. It's important for you to challenge yourself and your belief system. If you don't believe you can do something, then challenge this by doing it. When you were learning to ride a bicycle as a child and kept falling off, did you stop doing it because you decided you were rubbish at it. No. You kept trying and eventually mastered the art of riding a bicycle. When we were children, we could be pretty fearless and we did not let things put us off. After a while, people and life can chip away at our confidence. We can find ourselves listening to old voices from the past, which are out of date and may not even be our voices in the first place. Remember to say something positive every day about yourself. Start saying, "I can" instead of "I can't".

Just one more thing I would like to share with you. It's about our subconscious. When we talk about other people in a derogatory way, the subconscious does not know whom we are talking about. When we speak about others negatively it can begin to make us feel awful and this is usually due to the subconscious thinking you are speaking about yourself. Positive thinking is not a 'cure all' formula but it can move you in the right direction to a successful life.

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