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Here are some amazing comments that I have received from my subscribers. Why not join us at

"Dear Amanda, I would be more than happy to take any survey you wanted. I've never met anyone like you! You are a real 'pioneer of positive'!  I would someday like to be a fraction of what you are. Thank you very much for everything.... You have been the most outgoing positive person I've encountered since. your service for life!" 

"thank-you my soldier of happiness!!!! You have done so much for me! Best wishes to you!"

"Thank-you VERY, VERY much!!!" 

"Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your 'pick-me-up-from-the-ground' angelic counselling. It really made all the difference. And hopefully I can do for you someday. Or anybody, would be proof of your work and the 'other two' also. My Three Angels!!!!! "

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