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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Get Back Your Love In 3 Easy Steps

Right you and the love of your life has broken up. And all you want to do is get them back. So lets look at whether it’s possible to get them back. And I’m sure you will want to know how. Lets look at the 3 easy steps….

You know the old cliché “breaking up is hard to do.” It is true and due to it being so hard, people often do completely the wrong thing during the break-up. People are so hurt, scared and angry that they react in a way that just pushes someone further away. Are you with me on this?

So I’m going to give you 3 simple tips if you want to get back with your ex. I’m not saying that following these tips will be easy. However, it will improve your chances of getting back with your ex than if you don’t follow them.

1)      It’s important that you don’t suffocate them. I know it’s hard trying to keep your distance but you have to do that. Even when you want to vent all your anger and sadness at them, it’s not going to bring them back to you. If you keep getting in their face, like most people do, then you will lose them forever. Give them time to miss you.

2)      Keeping your distance is a great time to reflect on you and your possible contribution to the break-up. Be honest with yourself and look at the behaviours or traits that you will have to face and fix to have a healthier relationship in the future. This isn’t about getting your ex back. You owe it to yourself to fix those bad traits so that regardless of whether you get back with your ex, you can have healthier relationships in the future.

3)      When you have given him or her some space and you have taken a good honest look at how you may have contributed to the break-up, then this may be a time to have a talk together. Don’t do this too soon after the break up, as you need things to settle down. It may end up in a big screaming match, which will end it forever. As time goes on, with space and a chance to miss each other, it could be a good time to talk. It’s not about blaming each other. It’s about having an honest conversation about what went wrong. You can talk about how you are feeling and what you should both do now.

Here’s a tip for when you have this conversation. It’s important to have self-control. Talk from the position of how you feel and don’t use blaming language. “You did this. You did that.” It’s makes it easier for a person to listen to you when you say: “ I felt like this when this happened.” It will give you both a chance to really listen, understand each other and if you do reconcile, build a more healthy, happy relationship.

These 3 simple steps, if followed correctly, could help you get the love of your life back. As I said before, it isn’t going to be easy and there are no guarantees. However, it could help you make it up and be stronger for the future. Good luck.

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