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Friday, 1 February 2013

How to Become a More Outgoing Person - Escaping From Your Shell

I hear people saying this quite often. "Well, we went to Australia (apologies if you live there, just change the place) and it was amazing. It was the holiday of a lifetime." Then I see all the smiles and happy memories begin to fade on their face. This is because they have decided this was their one chance. The holiday of a lifetime has happened and it will never happen again. I really sometimes want to ask them why? Why can you not go to Australia again? Why don't you pick somewhere else you have always wanted to go? But I wouldn't want to intrude. I just smile and feel sad. I want them to have that life experience again. And I'm sure they do too.
However I do understand why some people say these things especially if we're in a rut with money. We accept the amount of money that is coming in every week and we think that's it. Then one day we hit the jackpot and go on that holiday of a lifetime. Baring in mind that we spend all that money on a holiday in Australia and it's all over.
When I was younger I lived in a quiet town with large unemployment figures and most of my neighbours would not leave the town. Why would they? They had everything they wanted right there. It's all on the television. It wasn't that though really. From talking to people it became apparent that there was a general belief that travelling and doing amazing things was for those people out there in the real world with money. I learnt years ago on a business course the expression "a low ceiling." If you try to grow in your business and you have a low ceiling, you could end up banging your head on it. And my head was becoming quite sore. Then things changed for me and I went to University. I opened my horizons. Later on I opened my own business and was doing pretty well.
Then I met my new love interest who I thought was wonderful and the feeling was mutual. There was a little problem though. I lived in the UK and he lived in the USA. Well, going to the United States of America is for "well off " people. Even though I was making really good money, I still believed it was impossible. Then my love interest decided it would be a great idea to visit me in the UK and see how we got on. Thankfully, we really got on well and became really attached.
Well, you know the rest and we are engaged now. I've been flying back and to for four years now. I realised that getting a plane from Amsterdam to Minneapolis only took two hours more than a train from Liverpool to Brighton. My perception changed over the years and I realised that opening your horizons was just practice. It's like learning to drive a car. It feels impossible and exhausting at first. You look at other drivers around you and it all looks so easy for them. It's the same with opening your mind to the possibilities and opportunities that are not a once in a lifetime experience. They are only that if you really do not want to do it again. If you want to go to Australia ask yourself why you want to go there. And if you want to go again, ask yourself why you want to go again. You need to know the reasons "why" you want to go somewhere or do something, and then let the "how" just happen.
I go to the USA frequently and even after losing my old business I'm still doing it. I decided to build a new one. It's important to maintain a positive attitude. Now I'm not saying it's all hearts and flowers. It's been tough. But when you use "why" you want something it's great at boosting your motivation to achieve your dreams. My why is for love and the "how" just happens now quite easily. Just like driving a car with practice and experience.

My name is Amanda Hemers and I like to call myself a Happiness Coach. My aim in life is to inspire and motivate people to be happy. This means believing that you deserve happiness and that you can work effortlessly towards your dreams. It's just practice and patience. I gather and share information and good quality products that I believe could change someone's life. You can find out more about me at and if you want to be happier, all you have to do is fill in the boxes with your name and email address. I will be giving away four free gifts for you to start your journey to happiness.

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