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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Can I Get My Ex To Love Me Again - Yes I Can

You just can't get your ex out of your head even though you are single or even with someone new. You can't help thinking "How can I get my ex to love me again..." You may try to get the thought out of your mind especially as you believe that you will never get your ex back. Well, guess what, you can get your ex back. People have done it before and many times, and you can do it too. 

Very often you will not understand why your ex left you and there are many different reasons for it. And that includes the reasons why men do it or women do it. Our brains are wired up differently, which can make it confusing for us. Some break-ups are pretty clear but not all of them. 

So before we push ahead at making a plan for you to get your ex back, let’s look at the reasons they might not be around anymore. 

Why do men leave a relationship? It's really easy really. When a man is not getting what he needs, he will leave. They need you to respect and admire them. Either they left for this reason or they found this somewhere else with someone else. The most common reason men leave their loved one is "No matter what I did, I couldn't make her happy!” 

Why do women leave a relationship? Women like to be appreciated and that's why they often leave. They feel unappreciated or sometimes, bored. Many women who are unhappy in relationships say, "He doesn't appreciate a thing I do!"

Well, sometimes the reason why someone leaves you is because you cheated on them. You do need to think about why you cheated on them in the first place. Was it because your ex didn't pay you enough attention and you didn't feel really appreciated? It's not an excuse to cheat on someone but it's a question that needs to be asked. Another classic reason your ex may have left you is because you just were not around enough. Yet again, ask yourself why were you not around? 

It's good after a break up to objectively look at your relationship. Look at all the negative and positive things that contributed to your relationship when it was working and when it broke up. It's important during this time that you take good care of yourself, eat healthy and exercise. Surely, you'll want to look good for when you get your ex back. 

Now that you've been honest with yourself and been able to see objectively why your relationship broke up, you could consider contacting your ex. Ask them out for a coffee in a really casual, nice way. Be cool. If they say yes, do it. Keep the conversation really light and fun. Don't mention your relationship and try to keep the date short. At the end of the date, if your ex doesn't suggest meeting again, don't suggest it. You may be thinking can I get my ex back? Yes, you can! It depends on whether you still want them back. 

Regardless of whether the date goes well or just okay or awful, you will know what to do next. If it went awful then look at the situation and decide whether to try again later or maybe you will decide to just move on. 

Ideally though if the date went well, you'll be able to see how the answer to "Can I Get My Ex to Love Me Again? is "Yes I can!" 

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