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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Getting Over Break Up When Your Heart Is Broken

Few things are more painful than having your heart broken. 

Both men and women experience the pain of breaking up.  Sometimes you are the one who called it off and other times your ex did, but in either case, there is pain on both sides.  And, sometimes the break up happened for good reasons while other times it seemed to go up in a puff of smoke for no reason at all.  These can be the most painful of all.

If you don’t go about getting over the break up though, there can be some serious consequences.  Don’t fall into the trap of lingering over a lost love.  The worst trap of all is to start to write a “victim story” that makes you the protagonist in a tale of love gone badly.

First of all, you should realize that if you don’t get over your ex, it would be toxic to any future relationship you might have.

Second, realize that you can’t run away from it, medicate it, or suppress it.  You have to face the pain head on and deal with it.

There’s no way out of a broken heart.  There’s only a way through.  Accept that there is going to be pain.  Use the time during this period to understand the hurt.  Some ways to do this are to write in a journal, get counselling, or pour your heart out in song.  Realize there is no quick solutions to getting over break up.

Next, you need to examine whether there is anything in your past that would have lead to this break up.  For instance, did the abuse in your childhood cause you to be an abuser in this relationship?  Take note of those things because they will help you foster healthier relationships in the future.

Don’t paint yourself as the victim of the relationship either.  Take responsibility for your actions.  While your ex may have been the one whose “fault” was the immediate cause of the break up, the truth is that the underlying circumstances were caused by both of you.

By getting rid of your “victim story” you become a healthier, more attractive partner for a future boyfriend or girlfriend.  You’ll begin to see that your “victim story” was composed of beliefs, attitudes and thoughts that colour your perceptions about everything.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you handle your broken heart badly, you perpetuate your pain.  You’ll never go about getting over break up.

But, when you can handle your emotions with the ultimate goal of letting them go, you enable healing.

Getting over a broken heart takes work.  It also takes time.  Don’t underestimate the factors, which go into curing your heartbreak.

You’ve just lost a person who was extremely important to your life.  But, use this time for growth and you will become a stronger person and have better relationships in the future.  That is how you really go about getting over break up.

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