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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Relationship Break-ups What You Need To Know

Relationship break-ups are a terrible thing, and are devastating for most people. What most people want, more than anything else, is to find someone to spend their lives with, someone who will always be there for you. Thinking you have this and then losing it is one of the worst events most people will suffer in their life.

After relationship break-ups, people tend to suffer from the same kind of emotional healing process that people who have suffered the death of a loved one. This isn't surprising, since the death of a relationship is very much like the death of someone. But unlike the death of a person, sometimes something can be done to take back the death of a relationship.

Relationship break-ups do not have to be forever in many cases. Far more relationships can be saved than those that are permanently destroyed. What you have to know and understand is the various kinds of relationship break-ups that exists and what you can do about them.

This article is going to give you a brief look into the kinds of relationship break-ups and what strategies you'll need to undertake to fix them. Not all relationships can be repaired, and not all of them should be, but most of them can. You just need to know the right techniques for each kind of break-up.

The Abusive Relationship Break-ups

This is a break-up that should stay a break up. Unlike the other relationship break-ups, this one can and should stick. There's a chance that you may be considering returning to someone who physically or mentally abused you, but you need to stick with this kind of break-up. No one should take being abused.

The Mutual Break-up

Sometimes, both people in the relationship may want out and the relationship ends by mutual consent. Now, if this is truly a mutual break-up, there's a good chance that this is another relationship that shouldn't be repaired. On the other hand, if it was just called a relationship and was really one of the next two kinds of relationship break-ups, that's a different matter entirely.

  They Broke Up with You

This is usually the most hurtful kind of break up. If this has happened to you, what you need to do first is figure out exactly why the relationship ended. Once you know this, you have to decide if what went wrong is something you could or should fix. If it is something you can and should fix, then this needs to be your starting point.

You Broke Up with Them

Sometimes, we break up with people and then realize we've thrown away something good. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is re-establish trust. This means that you're going to essentially start the relationship over. Start slow, with coffee dates or something similar, and then work your way slowly towards repairing the relationship.

No matter which of the relationship break-ups you've experienced, you need to be aware that help is out there. You just need to find the right kind of advice and instruction to allow you to mend feeling and repair your relationship with your ex.

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